Bruny Island Wildlife - White Wallaby

A white wallaby on Bruny Island

White Wallaby

White wallabies are Bennett's wallabies (Macropus rufogriseus) with a rare genetic mutation that gives them their white fur. Bruny Island has a population of white wallabies, some which are albino with white coats and pink eyes, ears and nose, while others possess only the white coat. 


Wallabies live in forest areas but are often seen resting during the day in open areas.


Wallabies are generally solitary animals but will often be seen in groups grazing together. They are herbivores and they eat grasses, roots and leaves.

The breeding season is from January to July. It takes about a month for gestation and then the baby joey stay in the mother's pouch for about 280 days.


White wallabies are not endangered and the lack of predators on Bruny Island has allowed the population to grow. However white wallabies are more sensitive to sunlight which results in high rates of skin cancer.