About Us

At Bruny Island AU we recognise the importance of preserving the natural beauty of Bruny and the characteristics that make it unique. We believe in leaving a minimal environmental footprint and strive to ensure our properties are as sustainable as possible.

We recognise that Bruny is more than just a beautiful island – it is also a beautiful community, so we support local businesses by buying locally and supporting local services wherever we can. We also feel it is important for us to promote cultural awareness and respect as part of the Bruny experience.

Our overriding motivation is to preserve the environment whilst providing our visitors with unforgettable experiences. Bruny Island can have a profound affect on people and we believe Bruny Island AU has an important role to play in ensuring visitors get the most out of their experience on the island.

Our unique properties are furnished to make you feel completely at home, so you are ready to get out and explore Bruny and discover its magical secrets.