Accommodation Terms & Conditions

1. Tariffs

  1. If the reservation is not promptly confirmed with a credit card, the 50% deposit of total reservation must be paid within 5 days from the date of booking into our designated bank account. Failure to make the deposit within this timeframe, the reservation will not be guaranteed.
  2. The remaining balance must be settled no later than 30days before the scheduled booking date. Failure to pay the balance within this timeframe will result in the reservation being voided and the deposit forfeited.
  3. Payment can be made via VISA or MASTERCARD, direct deposit to Island Bruny Management Services Trust Account BSB: 013-606 Account number 1949-38127 using your reservation number and last name as a reference.
  4. Access to keys will only be granted upon receipt of full payment.
  5. Tariffs quoted are correct at time of printing and are subject to change without notice.
  6. All credit card transactions are subject to transaction fees.

2. Departure Guarantee

  1. Guest undertakes to provide a designated credit card as a guarantee for any additional expenses incurred post-departure, including but not limited to property damage or additional cleaning fees.
  2. All credit card details will be destroyed after final inspection of the property, if no claims are to be made.
  3. Island Bruny Management Services reserves the right to make claims on the Departure Guarantee if the Terms and Conditions are not met, resulting in loss, extra cleaning, damage, expense or inconvenience.
  4. Upon departure a professional assessment of the property will be made prior to releasing the Departure Guarantee. Departure Guarantee will be released within 14 days of your departure date.

3. Guest Responsibilities

  1. The property is let for holiday accommodation purposes only and is not to be used for any other purpose including but not limited to commercial purposes, receptions or parties.
  2. Not to use the property, or cause or permit the property to be used for any illegal purpose.
  3. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside or near the premises. A $200 additional cleaning fee will be incurred if smoking occurs within the building. If, in our assessment, the scent of smoke persists after cleaning, an extra charge equivalent to a 2 night stay will apply to allow for proper ventilation. Costs associated in finding alternative accommodation and transport for displaced guests will be charged.
  4. All guests must conduct themselves in a proper manner so as not to cause a nuisance, including excessive noise, or interfere with the use or enjoyment of the property for other occupiers or neighbouring properties. Unruly, loud or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. If complaints are received this may result in termination of the booking and loss of unused balance of accommodation.
  5. Occupancy of the property is strictly limited to the registered number of guests, as each holiday accommodation is tailored to accommodate a specific number of individuals. bringing extra mattresses onto the premises is prohibited. Should the property be found to be overcrowded, the booking will be promptly terminated, and guests will be required to vacate without eligibility for a refund. Any additional guests beyond the originally booked and paid for number will incur an extra fee per guest, calculated based on the prevailing tariff for the specific booking. 
  6. Strictly no tents or caravans are permitted on the property unless agreed and paid for prior to the commencement of Rental.
  7. Pets are not permitted. (Please note: 'Service Animals' are not Pets - see Section 8, Service Animals)
  8. It is the guests’ responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the property during the lease period.
  9. All guests are responsible for keeping the property secure during their stay and will be responsible for any theft or damage due to neglect in this area.
  10. To accept full responsibility for any breakages, loss or damage caused to the property and/or its contents directly or indirectly caused by the guest, or by another occupant or any other person invited on or in the property by the guest during the tenancy and agrees to authorise Island Bruny Management Services to pay for any such breakages, loss, damage and all forms of cleaning (including but not limited to rubbish removal) of the property by deduction of the applicable amount from the Departure Guarantee. Where the Departure Guarantee is not sufficient to cover the cost of the payment required the guest agrees to pay the balance of the payment within seven days of being notified in writing of the payment required by Island Bruny Management Services. If a credit card has been provided any costs shall be charged to that credit card.
  11. The property is decorated according to the owner's preferences and style. Island Bruny Management Services does not assume responsibility for any guest expectations regarding design, quality, or other aspects of the property that may not be met.
  12. You need to take responsibility for anyone you let onto the property. If they break any rules in the agreement, you will be accountable to Island Bruny Management Services and the property owner.
  13. Departing guests must leave the property clean and tidy. This includes washing, drying and putting away all dishes, emptying the dishwasher, emptying and cleaning of the refrigerator, oven/griller and microwave, cleaning of the bbq, leaving the beds neatly folded back, placing all used towels in the shower, turning off all the lights and cooling/heating appliances. If the dishes are not washed, dried and put away, the dishwasher not emptied and/or the bbq has not been cleaned an automatic bond deduction applies of $50 per job to be completed.
  14. The Guests are responsible for emptying all bins and placing the rubbish in the appropriate wheelie bin. There will be a charge of $50 for unemptied bins upon departure.
  15. The guest agrees to let, use and occupy the property and its contents at his or her own risk and hereby releases to the maximum extent permitted by law the Agent and the owner of the property from any injury, liability, debt, loss, cost, delay, expense however arising in the connection with the letting, use and occupancy of the property including by breach of contract, duty or statue. Further the guest shall indemnify the agent and the owner of the property against any claims made by any other person or entity in relation to the use and occupancy of the property.
  16. The significance of Clause 3, titles "Guest Responsibilities," cannot be understated within this agreement. Should the guest engage in, induce, or in any way allow a violation of this clause during the tenancy, Island Bruny Management Services holds the authority to promptly terminate the tenancy and retain all funds paid by the guest as outlined in this Agreement

4. Cancellations/Modifications

  1. Cancellation made 30 days prior to the arrival date, a full refund will be provided. Please note that the full refund excludes the 1.36% of credit card surcharge fee. Cancellations made less than 30 days before the scheduled arrival date will not be eligible for a refund.
  2. Any alterations to reservations, such as adjustments to the arrival date, may incur an additional fee of $50, which will be charged to the credit card on file and are subject to availability. If a date change is not feasible, the cancellation policy will apply as outlined in cancelation policy.
  3. In the event that a booking is to be changed or cancelled for whatever reason, Island Bruny Management Services  will attempt to notify the guest as soon as possible and will use reasonable endeavours to arrange alternative accommodation or alternative booking dates for the guest to let the premises.
  4. If alternative holiday accommodation or alternative dates cannot be arranged any monies paid by the guest will be refunded and no other claim, right, action or demand shall exist in, or be made by either party.
  5. Customers must notify Bruny Island Coastal Retreats of any cancellations in writing via email to Cancellation requests are considered effective from the date the written request is received by Bruny Island Coastal Retreats.
  6. If the property is not re-let for the same period of the reservation period, Island Bruny Management Services will retain all payments made.
  7. No refunds will be issued for any remaining portion of the rent if guests choose to vacate the property before their confirmed departure date.
  8. Bruny Island Coastal Retreats reserves the right to modify or waive this cancellation policy in the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, government actions, or other force majeure events.
  9. Group/Wedding bookings may be subject to different cancellation terms, which will be communicated at the time of reservation.
  10. Special promotions or package deals may have unique cancellation policies, and guests will be informed of these terms at the time of booking.
  11. Refund, when applicable, will be processed within 14 days from the date of cancellation and will be made using the same method as the initial payment.

5. Arrival and Departure Times

  1. The check-in time starts at 2PM on the day of arrival and guests are required to check out strictly by 10AM on the departure date. Failure to vacate the premises by the designated departure time will result in a late departure fee equivalent to 50% of the Departure Guarantee.
  2. Only one set of keys will be provided to the guest.
  3. On departure the keys must be left in the key safe.

6. Linen/Towels

  1. Linen must be used on all beds.
  2. Before departure, please ensure that all linens that have been used are neatly folded back. Additionally, all used towels should be placed in the shower.

7. Pets

  1. Pets are not permitted. (Please note: 'Service Animals' are not Pets - see Section 8, Service Animals)
  2. Bringing a pet onto the property will result in a deduction of $150 from the Departure Guarantee, and your tenancy will be terminated without any refund. 

8. Service Animals

  1. "Service Animals are welcomed at all of our properties and associated experiences. However, you need to provided relevant documentation proving your service animal by emailing before your arrival date."

9. Emotional Support Animals

  1. For guests intending to bring their 'Emotional Support Animal', please email a medical letter from your doctor or mental health professional that confirms your need for assistance prior to arrival.

10. Wi-Fi & Mobile Phone Reception

  1. Wi-Fi: Bruny Island’s remoteness can occasionally render our internet service intermittent or slow due to several reasons: including weather conditions, the number of users on the network, and guests exceeding their daily data allowance. The data allowance provided at properties with Wi-Fi denoted is 3Gb peak and 3Gb off-peak (1 AM – 7 AM) and will slow down once your daily limit is reached. The data limit resets daily with any unused allowance forfeited. This satellite service is not suitable for streaming services including YouTube, downloading movies, downloading/uploading large photographs, or similar activities. We recommend that you download movies and the likes before you travel; and therefore, not rely solely on this free service.
  2. Mobile Phone Reception: Signal varies greatly around the Island with weather and the number of visitors frequenting Bruny affecting its quality further. Our accommodation pages denote the average signal quality when using Telstra as a provider near and/or within the accommodation itself—generally Optus and other carriers perform significantly worse—and should only be seen as an approximate guide susceptible to change. Mobile phone operability should never be assumed or relied upon when traversing Bruny Island. 

11. Faults/Problems

  1. All holiday properties managed by Island Bruny Management Services are privately owned and rented on a fully self-contained basis. In the event of faults or malfunctions with appliances or inclusions, neither the owner nor Island Bruny Management Services is obligated to provide compensation or discounts.
  2. Island Bruny Management Services will accept no responsibility for any inconvenience with machinery breakdown. The agent’s best endeavours to repair, replace or hire an alternative will be undertaken.
  3. If a tradesperson is dispatched at the request of a guest for a repair that proves to be unnecessary, the cost of the callout will be charged to the guest.
  4. Guests must inform our office immediately of any damage or breakage to the property and its contents by phoning our 24 contact number 1300 027 869.
  5. Guests are required to notify our office immediately upon arrival if the property is not clean. Otherwise, they are considered to have accepted the property in its arrival condition. Please contact at our 24 hour contact number, 1300 027 869. If a property is reported as dirty, Island Bruny Management Services reserves the right to inspect and arrange for cleaning as soon as possible.
  6. Lost items – Upon request, we will make every effort to retrieve and return items inadvertently left in a holiday property. However, we do not assume responsibility for their recovery or return. Guests are responsible for postage and the cost of sending a staff member to search for the item. A minimum cost of $50 including GST applies. Left items will be kept in our office for up to 3 months. If unclaimed, they will be donated to the local opportunity shop.
  7. Island Bruny Management Services may inspect the property with reasonable notice and at any time or without notice if there is any belief that there has been a breach of these conditions.

12. Disclaimer

  1. Island Bruny Management Services has endeavoured to maintain the accuracy and content with their websites. However from time to time aspects of the content may be out of date. Certain information is provided by others including owners and for that we accept no responsibility for its accuracy.
  2. Island Bruny Management Services acts as the letting agent on behalf of the owners and in accordance with owner’s instructions. Island Bruny Management Services reserves the right to take appropriate remedial action and/or seek compensation for any serious breach of these conditions of letting.
  3. Island Bruny Management Services will not be held responsible if the property does not meet with your expectations after the booking has been confirmed.

13. Insurance

      We recommend that all guests take out complete travel insurance to cover unexpected events.

14. Bush Fire

     a. Bookings maybe cancelled or guests maybe ask to leave during their stay if it is determined by Island Bruny Management Services (in its absolute discretion) that the bush fire risk may place our guests in danger.  
     b. Island Bruny Management Services will refund any payments made by guests at its sole discretion, and no other claims, right, actions, or demands shall exist or be made by either party.
     c. We strongly advise all guests to obtain comprehensive travel insurance to protect against unforeseen events.

15. Drones
     a. Drone flying is prohibited under all circumstances on our properties. No exceptions!

16. Security Deposit

  1. As a condition of rental, guests are required to provide a security deposit in the form of a pre authorisation on a credit card. This is mandatory for all  bookings. 
  2. If the terms and conditions are complied with as outlined, the pre-authorization hold will be released within 14 days after the completion of the event. (The release time may vary depending on the policies of the credit card issuer)
  3. The security deposit will be handled as a pre-authorization on the guest's designated credit card (bank transfers or cash for bond payments are not accepted unless by special arrangement). Upon release, the funds will be made available on the guest's card again, and there will be no transaction reflected on the credit card statement.

There are detailed photos of all holiday rental properties on our website along with a copy of these conditions:

Island Bruny Management Services Contact Details

Tours Terms and Conditions

Astro & Landscape Photography Tours (only)

What’s Included

  • 4 Days (3 nights):
  • All accommodation
  • All meals and drinks from first-day Breakfast to end day Brunch
  • Boat trip from Hobart to Bruny Island
  • All transport whilst on the island
  • Dedicated professional photographers only there for you
  • Photo tuition in both operational camera use and post-processing

Aurora & Stop-Down Photography Tours (only)

What’s Included

  • 4 Days (3 nights):
  • All accommodation
  • All meals and drinks
  • All Transfers from/to Hobart to Bruny Island
  • All transport whilst on the island
  • Photo tuition in both operational camera use and post-processing

Guided Walk Tours (only)

What’s Included

  • 3 Days (2 nights):
  • All accommodation
  • All meals and drinks
  • All Transfers from/to Hobart to Bruny Island
  • All transport whilst on the island

All Tours

What’s Not Included

  • Transport to and from Hobart (you need to get yourself to Hobart and home)
  • Travel Insurance (required as a condition of booking)
  • Camera equipment
  • Equipment insurance


  • Departure
    • Tours start and finish in Hobart. You must arrange your own transport to Hobart.

All Tours:

      • First-day departure time is 8.00 am, so you may need to arrive the night before and stay in Hobart (excluding Aurora Photography Tours).

Aurora Photography Tours (only):

      • Due to the Tours dynamic nature – you will be contacted by one of our staff informing you of departure date and time.
  • Payment
    • Balance of monies owing is due:

Astro, Landscape, Stop-Down, and Guided Walk Tours (only):

      • 30 days before the tour date when minimum participants have been reached and the tour is scheduled to go ahead.

Aurora Tours (only):

      • Upon agreeing to participate in the offered Aurora Tour where remaining monies owed will be charged.

  • Tour Status
    • All Bruny Island (NPCT) Tours are subject to minimum numbers; therefore, your booking is considered ‘provisional’ until those numbers are met. NPCT may, at its sole discretion, cancel any tour due to minimum numbers not being reached.

Astro, Landscape, Stop-Down, and Guided Walk Tours (only):

      • If minimum tour participants haven't been met 31 days prior tour departure, NPCT will cancel the expedition and inform you via email (and phone, if possible). For this reason, we recommend organising your travel schedule (e.g., booking flights, if applicable) after the ‘provisional’ period, i.e., 30 days before the tour departure and when remaining monies are due.
  • Travel Insurance [No policy that we’re aware of covers COVID, please see ‘Cancellation Policy’ below]
    • It is a requirement that you have travel insurance that includes coverage for:
      • Accident and sickness
      • Emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains
      • Accidental death
      • Tour cancellation
    • Proof of appropriate insurance is required prior to departure with us.
  • Equipment Insurance
    • Equipment insurance is recommended. We will not be responsible for any equipment loss or damage.
  • Health Issues
    • If you have any pre-existing health, medical or physical conditions it is your responsibility to advise us. We cannot accept putting yourself or others at risk on the tour.
    • We reserve the right to cancel any booking on this basis.
  • Diet
    • If you have any special dietary needs, please let us know when booking. We will endeavour to meet those requirements to the best of our ability. 
  • Physical Fitness
    • A reasonable level of walking fitness is required as you will need to have the ability to negotiate uneven ground and obstacles along varying track altitudes.

Astro, Landscape, and Stop-Down Photography Tours (only):

      • Photography Participants are required to carry their own equipment
  • Accommodation 
    • Accommodation is shared unless you select the single option.
    • We do not have shared gender accommodation.
    • If you are travelling with a partner let us know to ensure we can place you together.
    • We will select the accommodation of our choice on a tour-by-tour basis.

Astro, Landscape, and Stop-Down Tours (only):

      • If you cancel and your spot is not filled, a cancellation fee of $250 will apply, plus a deposit deduction (at our discretion) as follows:
        • Up to 60 days prior: no deposit deduction
        • Up to 30 days prior: 25% deposit deduction
        • Less than 30 days prior: 50% deposit deduction

Aurora Tours (only):

      • If you cancel and your spot is not filled after accepting and paying the full Aurora Tour fee, you will forfeit your standby deposit.
  • By participating in a Bruny Island Tour/Workshop, you agree that any photos or footage taken during the Tour/Workshop can be used to promote Bruny Island Tours,, or Nature Pact in digital form and in print.
  • NPCT may, at its sole discretion, cancel any tour prior to departure. If NPCT cancels your tour, you can transfer amounts paid to any available alternate departure date, or to another available NPCT tour, or alternatively receive a full refund. In circumstances where the tour cancellation is due to external events outside the reasonable control of NPCT (including but not limited to flood, fire, act of God, natural disasters, disease, war or threat of war, physical unrest, political instability, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist activities (threatened or actual), strikes, port or airport closures, or technical problems with, or unavailability of, necessary transport or services), then refunds or transferrable value will be less any unrecoverable costs. NPCT is not responsible for any incidental expenses that you may have incurred as a result of your booking including but not limited to visas, vaccinations, travel insurance excess or non-refundable flights.