Planning a trip to Bruny Island

Why Bruny Island ?

Bruny Island is one of the most beautiful and pristine locations in Australia. It has been blessed with an abundance of unique wildlife such as the White Wallaby and provides a haven and sanctuary to a number of endangered species including the stunning Swift Parrot and Forty-Spotted Pardalote.

If you have a taste for the freshest of oysters, incredible cheese and sweet tangy berries then you will not be disappointed. These are all the better when matched with premium wines from the family owned vineyard or something from the House of Whisky.

For those who are adventurous, boat tours, bushwalking, surfing, kayaking and fishing opportunities are in abundance.

Make sure you bring your camera, book a multi-day trip and make the most of an incredible place.

Itinerary Options - Food tours, bushwalking, surfing and much more

  • We recommend that you spend at least 2-3 days and if you can a week will give you time to unwind and appreciate how special Bruny Island really is. We would love to have you stay at any one of our special properties as listed here.

  • Food, food and more food. A pristine environment combined with entrepreneurial passion for food has resulted in some of the finest wine, cheese and oysters anywhere. Make sure you visit The Honey Pot, Get Shucked Oysters, The Bruny Island Cheese Company and Bruny Island Premium Wines. 

  • Exploring and immersing yourself in nature. Bushwalking around South Bruny National Park and Lighthouse, surfing at Cloudy Bay and the numerous fishing locations are all highlights detailed in our Activities section.

  • Discover for yourself the history of the island at the History Room in the old Court House next door to Alonnah Post Office and adjacent to the Police Station. Learn about the history of the old explorers at the Bligh Museum of Pacific Exploration in Adventure Bay.

Things to consider before you set off

  • You'll need to take a car on the ferry to Bruny Island (we always recommend a small SUV or the likes). It is over 60km from the ferry terminal to the Bruny Island Lighthouse in South Bruny. There is no public transport or taxi service on the Island.

  • Allow extra time during summer months and busy holidays for the ferry queues both on and off the island. The ferry runs daily 365 days a year. No bookings are taken and all tickets are open return tickets. Our ferry page has timetable, fare and other ferry details.

  • There is only 1 petrol station on the Island. It is located at the Adventure Bay General Store which is open 7.15am - 7pm daily.

  • Bruny Island does not have large shopping centres or 24/7 fast food venues. Life runs at a quieter pace. Locals do some of their shopping at Kingston on the way to Bruny Island from Hobart. It has the major supermarkets and a liquor store.

  • Groceries can be bought from the Adventure Bay, Alonnah and Oyster Cove general stores.

  • There is a pharmacy, post office and Police Station at Alonnah. In an emergency dial 000 for assistance. Be alert to bushfire danger, know your bushfire plan and monitor alerts on the Tasmania Fire service website.

  • If considering cycling around the island please consider that many of the road users are tourists. The southern roads are largely unsealed, at times dusty behind vehicles and the road shoulder may be quite narrow.

  • Mobile phone coverage is variable across the island. Telstra currently provides the best coverage. International guests have found Prepaid Telstra sim cards helpful. These are available at the Allonah store or at various points on the way to the Island in Hobart.

Interstate & International Visitors

  • When booking your flights it is important to consider travel time to and from Hobart Airport to Bruny Island. 

    • When travelling to Bruny Island please consider : 
      • If you are flying into Hobart and heading to Bruny Island on the same day we do not recommend aiming for the last ferry of the day (7pm). If you miss this ferry you will not make it to your accommodation on the island. Where possible factor flight delays into your itinerary.
      • Hobart Airport to Kettering ferry terminal takes 1 hour without busy traffic.
      • The ferry trip is approximately 30 minutes, please look at the ferry timetable and allow extra time prior to the listed departure time for boarding. This is particularly important during busy periods such as weekends and public or school holidays when the waiting time for the ferry may be a couple of hours. 
      • Give yourself time to stop and pickup supplies on the way to the ferry. Food orders can be made at the Hill St Grocer, Coles, Woolworths,
        Snug Butcher and Muirs(seafood) to save time.
    • When leaving Bruny Island please consider :
      • The drive from our Southern Bruny Island properties to the ferry takes around an hour.
      • The ferry crossing is approximately 30 minutes.
      • The first ferry off Bruny Island on Sundays is 8.30am, other days it is 7am as per our ferry timetable.
      • It takes an hour from Kettering to Hobart Airport without busy traffic.
      • Most airlines require bags to be checked in at least 30 minutes prior to departure.
      • For example; Guests staying at Cloudy Bay Beach House would depart at 7.15am to make the 8.30am ferry. Then aim to arrive at the airport with no stops at 10am. If you are delayed a 10.30am flight is a risk.

Packing suggestions

  • Camera and charger, even if its just your mobile phone. Make sure it is fully charged each day for the fantastic photos you will be taking.

  • A range of clothing options. Bathers for when the sun comes out and you visit the incredible beaches and crystal clear waters of Adventure and Cloudy Bay. At night and on the more temperate days have a fleece and rain proof jacket on hand. Thongs for the beach, boots for hiking and uggies for relaxing around the fire.

  • Pack your hat, sunscreen, insect repellent and any medical supplies you may require. It's a good idea to have a small medical kit in your car for any bumps and bruises.

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