Bruny Island Wildlife - Fur Seal

Fur seal in water

Fur Seal

The Australian Fur Seal (Arctocephalus pusillus) is found commonly in Bruny Island waters. A colony of seals can be found on rocky outcrops at the southern end of Bruny Island.


The Fur Seal spends most of its time in the water or on rocky beaches and outcrops on the coast.


Fur Seals are marine mammals. They have a layer of blubber which insulates them. They feed on fish, squid, octopus and lobsters. They can dive to depths of 200m . Fur Seals are social animals and gather in colonies on rocky outcrops and isolated islands.


In Australia Fur Seals were hunted commercially until the 19th century. Seals became a protected species in 1923. Modern threats to the seal include entanglement in plastic waste and netting, ingestion of pollutants, and accidental killing in fishing by-catch.