Bruny Island Wildlife - Dusky Antechinus

Dusky Antechinus

The Dusky Antechinus (A.s. swainsonii) is a marsupial mouse that is found in Tasmania. The males of the species live for 1 year and die out in mating season.


The Dusky Antechinus makes its home in the forests. 


The Dusky Antechinus feeds mainly on insects and worms, but also eats small lizards. It is a solitary animal except during mating season. During mating season the males go on a mating frenzy and at the end die out from stress, leaving a population of females.


The main threats to the antechinus are destruction of habitat, and predators such as the fox and feral cat.

The subspecies the Tasman Peninsula Dusky Antechinus (antechinus vandycki), discovered only in 2015, is being considered for addition to the threatened species list.