Bruny Island Birdlife - Yellow Wattlebird


Bruny Island is home to abundant birdlife, including all 12 species endemic to Tasmania. Some are critically endangered, such as the Forty-spotted Pardalote, the Swift Parrot, and the Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle. All 12 endemic species are protected under Tasmania's Nature Conservation Act 2002.

Bruny Island is a popular place for bird watching, and has been named in the top 10 bird watching sites in Australia by Australian Birdlife magazine.

Watch out for the next Bruny Island Bird Festival, (date TBA).

Photos from award winning photographer Rod Hartvigsen of Murranji Photography


Yellow Wattlebird

The Yellow Wattlebird (Anthochaera paradoxa) is endemic to Tasmania. It is named for the orange-yellow wattles hanging from its face and yellow coloured belly. It is a medium size bird, growing up to 45cm long.


The Yellow Wattlebird lives in wet and dry forests, wooded areas, coastal heaths and can sometimes be seen in open urban areas.


The Yellow Wattlebird is a territorial bird. It primarily eats the nectar of eucalypts and banksia trees but also eats fruit, insects, spiders and manna.


The Yellow Wattlebird is not endangered.